How to migrate your wordpress website to AWS Cloud from BigRock ???

Big giants are moving to cloud. Cloud services provide easily scalability, security and high performance. They are cost effective as well. Amazon cloud or Amazon web services(AWS) is a leading player in this field. AWS is user friendly and it eases the user work. Below is a step by step guide to migrate your website from BigRock to AWS cloud. All these steps involve resources available in AWS free-tier. Hence this migration is completely free. We have also attached a step by step video in case you have any confusion at any step. So let’s get started.

1.Backup Database of exisiting website

  • Open phpMyAdmin in Cpanel
  • Go to the database to backup
  • Go to Export
  • Press Go to export the database

2.Backup Web files of Existing Website

  • Open file manager in Cpanel
  • Select the website folder to backup
  • Right click and select Compress
  • Select Zip file format
  • Once compressed, download the ZIP file

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View Secured PDFs without Password

The other day I received an interesting call from my Dad. He was having a trouble opening secured PDFs. The problem was, he had so many that it became difficult for him to remember passwords for all of them. He needed a way to be able to view the PDFs without password. I did warn him of potential consequences of saving secured PDFs without password. However, it was also an interesting problem to solve.

Turns out, the answer was simple. All I had to do was open a secured PDF and print it to a file (Linux) or print it with a PDF printer (Windows). Once the file was printed as PDF, it no longer required a password. Poof!

The print to PDF option is default in most operating systems these days. However, for older operating systems like Windows XP, there are free drivers available that would add a PDF printer to the system. Personally I think that paying for these drivers is an overkill but if the free drivers are not meeting your requirements then go ahead.