View Secured PDFs without Password

The other day I received an interesting call from my Dad. He was having a trouble opening secured PDFs. The problem was, he had so many that it became difficult for him to remember passwords for all of them. He needed a way to be able to view the PDFs without password. I did warn him of potential consequences of saving secured PDFs without password. However, it was also an interesting problem to solve.

Turns out, the answer was simple. All I had to do was open a secured PDF and print it to a file (Linux) or print it with a PDF printer (Windows). Once the file was printed as PDF, it no longer required a password. Poof!

The print to PDF option is default in most operating systems these days. However, for older operating systems like Windows XP, there are free drivers available that would add a PDF printer to the system. Personally I think that paying for these drivers is an overkill but if the free drivers are not meeting your requirements then go ahead.