About Us

It was in 2009 that we, a bunch of college students, decided to work together on a project for their Software Engineering class. This project ended up going beyond the confines of a classroom environment and developing into ElliteDevs.

When our first project, Attendance Management System (AMS), was widely appreciated and also made it to the Round B of Sun Code for Freedom contest, we thought of expanding further. While the AMS was modelled on our college’s attendance tracking process, our next port of call was the growing Student, Start-up and Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) community. After speaking to and interacting with a few SMB owners, it was our understanding that technology did not have a great role to play in their businesses. This was mainly due to budget constraints. We felt that the situation needed a certain amount of rectification because this community is far too essential to the economy to not be technologically adept.

We have worked with several businesses over the years, helping them save a lot of time, effort and money by delivering quality solutions customized to their needs at a reasonable price. Since we are a SMB ourselves, we are perfectly positioned to know the weaknesses and hardships. To get a business up and running is not child’s play. So, if you are a SMB owner who needs a helping hand or have just delved into the world of business or an individual in search of what next, get in touch with us. We are only too happy to be a part of your growth.

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