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Make in India

Today some of the world’s biggest IT companies are being managed by Indians, yet we don’t have an Indian product among the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. Below we present some statistics, as issued by the Government of India, related to the potential Indian market holds for the growth of IT sector. Click on the Read More link to read the entire report in IT and BPM industry
Expected Revenues ($ Bn)
Expected IT Exports ($ Bn)
IT Service Exports ($ Bn)
Jobs Created (Mn)


There are a million ways to do anything. Let us help you figure out the best for your business.

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Get on the Web

Bring your business to the internet and earn more. Don’t know how? We’ve got you covered.

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Business Applications

Scale up your business. Leverage the expertise of our highly skilled software engineering team.

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Digital Marketing

Millions of people need your service(s) or product(s). But do they know about your offerings?

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ElliteDevs Stark Suite for Publishers

ElliteDevs Stark is a suit of software designed and developed to help small and medium sized publication houses in managing various aspects of their business. We have successfully delivered modules to track Author Royalties and Specimen Sampling.


The Stark suite enables publication houses to get rid of legacy software and move their data to a single platform. Everything they require is available as a part of this suite.


The Stark suite provides tremendous flexibility to the business and can be customized as per the business requirements.

Extensive Reporting

ElliteDevs Stark suite is packed with several reports that provide insightful analysis into the pulse of the business. New reports can be added as per the requirements.


Send festive greetings, reports, reminders, alert and much more to business partners, distribution channel, authors etc.via automated SMS and emails.

User Training

Change can be hard at times and patience is a virtue few possess. Upon the implementation of the ElliteDevs Stark suite, we train the users and help them through the transition phase.


We invite our users to give feedback of their experience with ElliteDevs Start suite and help us in making it even better.

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Yaksas CSC

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Yakṣas CSC

Yakṣas Cyber Security Consultants (CSC), is an organization of Cyber Security Professionals (CSPs), dedicated to protect you and your assets in the Cyber World. To know who were Yakṣas and why we chose this name visit our website.

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Green Mango Guy

Green Mango Guy (हरा आमी छोकरा) is all about kicking ass with his sour words of wisdom. He speaks in terms of Pickles and spares no one. He believes that people, and world at large, are capable of improving, if nudged gently with appropriate words.

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